Frequently Asked Questions
What is the relationship between vinopal and CellarTracker?
None other than that Eric is kind enough to let vinopal use the cellartracker API. This allows vinopal to peform common cellartracker functions on behalf of users. Please always contact vinopal directly for any issues you might have with it. Eric gets grumpy if he gets too many support questions not directly related to his site. Read this FAQ first and if not satisfied send vinopal an email.
The app doesn't launch or it crashes right away.
This can be very frustrating and cause for panic but don't worry it's easily fixed. First make sure that you still have a good connection to from Safari on your device. Then delete vinopal and reinstall it from the App Store.
That should take care of it but if the app still misbehaves it can be a rare case where vinopal is not able to download correctly from cellartracker.
If you think that is happening please send an email so it can be fixed.
The app takes a very long time to start
This will happen if your cellartracker collection is large in combination with a poor internet connection. Make sure that you have a strong WiFi signal before you start vinopal.

I've updated but vinopal doesn't
vinopal tries to save you from waiting for a download every time you start by keeping track of bottle counts. It only updates if it thinks you added or removed any bottles. Tap on the reload button from the settings screen to force vinopal to refresh.
What is up with the $49.99 in-app charge for the location filter?
While it doesn't seem right to start charging for using the app after 3 years, this is an opportunity to get access to a much sought after feature (at least based on the amount of requests for it). Being able to switch between all your bottles and each of your other locations is actually pretty neat, especially if you are at one of those locations and is contemplating what to open right now. Then of course there's the other route where you think that it would be a nice way to say thank you for a great app provided for free.